Book publishing isn't one-size-fits-all.


Lincross Publishing, LLC., a subsidiary of The Lindsey Corporation, a Limited Liability Company, offers customizable publishing options that best suit your literary work.  We believe that publishing a book is more than just arranging a few words together. It's about accomplishing a dream, fulfilling a lifelong desire, and proclaiming your story to the world. We specialize in consulting, and we are proud to offer our gifted team to assist you in publishing your passion. Allow us to help you unearth the potential that's within you and reveal the purpose God has invested in you. We desire to help you PUBLISH YOUR PASSION.



  • We provide one-on-one support from an expert member of our publishing team.
  • Our professional design team will compose a superior cover for your book and polished advertisements to promote your book. 
  • We offer an array of publishing packages created to suit your personalized publishing needs. 
  • We will explore inexpensive ways to advertise your literary work to a broader audience. 
  • After you publish your passion, you keep all of your royalties!

how do i get started?

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  3. Submit your application. Click here.