1. Pre-Publishing Consultation. Our consultation, lasting 15-30 minutes, allows us to first understand your project's intent. With that information, we will begin to guide the direction of your literary work and arrange steps to finalize and publish it.
  2. Editorial Services. We will correct spelling errors, punctuation errors and grammatical errors. We will also suggest changes in word choice, sentence structure and thought development. Our team of editors and proofers will meticulously and comprehensively prepare your manuscript for publication.
  3. Formatting Services. Our team of professional formatters will format your finished manuscript to fit your choice of book size. You are offered many styles and fonts to choose from.
  4. Publishing Services. It is our pleasure to publish your book for you. Your published work will be given an ISBN number and a barcode. Your work will be published on Amazon and other bookselling websites.
  5. Marketing Services. Our seasoned marketing professionals will help you brand your project. We offer advertising services to spread your work across various social media platforms as well as traditional mediums like radio ads, billboards, and book signings.
  6. Mentoring Services. Cornelius and Heather have published 13 books without traditional publishing support. Their experience has granted them expertise. They have comprised a team of experts like themselves who are trained to mentor and guide you through your entire process--from writing your manuscript, to developing your manuscript, to publishing your manuscript.